A tool for building pebble projects in Travis CI.

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pBuild for Travis-CI

PebbleBuild is a tool for building pebble projects in Travis CI. It is really useful when using the Pebble SDK.


  1. To install pBuild, copy .travis.yml, before_install.sh, and build.sh to your pebble app's github repository. Make sure the two .sh files are marked executable, using git update-index --chmod=+x if necessary.
  2. Then go to travis, go into your repoditory (in Travis) and go to Settings -> Settings and into Enviromental Variables.
  3. Add new enviromental variables: PEBBLE_SDK=PebbleSDK-3.4 (this is the pebble sdk version to use for compilation) and check "Display value in build logs", and PEBBLE_PROJECT_PATH=[RepoOwnerUsername]/[RepoName]/[PebbleProjectPathinRepo] (Only add the PebbleProjectPathinRepo if needed). Example: PEBBLE_PROJECT_PATH=sGerli/pBuild (this one is case sensitive) and check "Display value in build logs"


  • Pebble Analytics are on for default. If you want to disable it in before_install.sh modify the 8th line and change touch ~/pebble-dev/ENABLE_ANALYTICS to touch ~/pebble-dev/NO_TRACKING


  1. If a resource is not found, check its path because it's case sensitive.
  2. If you get any other build script error add an issue.
  3. If you get a error that isn't be general, send a email to [email protected].



pBuild is based on Sawyer Pangborn's travis-ci-pebble